Resolutions You Should Have For 2019

Here we are at that time of the year, where we think about next year goals, objectives, missions. whatever you want to call it. Everyone’s having a good time and thinking about making next year better than this.

Start with it….have something planned for next year. Life…without some objective…is just plain life. There’s no fun.

Have some big goals to achieve next year. The way its done is…have yearly goals. Divide them to quarterly, then monthly and day goals.

The important part of it is…it should have some richness and meaning.

How to set it?

Remember..the way we think about something affects our behavior around that thing.

For example…negativity (I hate using that word)…What you think about negativity will influence how you behave with negativity. Same goes for positivity..success..growth…promotion etc.

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