5 Expert Tips Which Can Transform Your Marketing Campaigns

marketing campaign

With the ever-changing and constantly evolving market, a strong social presence plays a powerful role in business growth. In order to compete in the industry, every business needs a compelling digital marketing strategy which can unleash the full potential of marketing efforts and campaigns. The key is to determine the return on investments which further depends upon several factors and metrics. While the best digital marketing agencies have experienced professionals who offer services like content audit, process excellence and to design/create innovative marketing strategies for a company. There are thousands of metrics that one can integrate in the strategy but the experts help to understand which metric needs to be focused on and which efforts should be discontinued. The strategies which worked a few years or months back might become irrelevant now. The success mantra is continuous improvement and to adaptability alongside the business growth. Here are a few simple but yet powerful tips that can help to get even better results from the promotional campaigns. These innovative ways can improve the ROI of digital marketing strategies.

Re-establish Campaign Goals

There is nothing like standard goals in the marketing industry. No one solution can meet the ever-changing demand of the customer and as well as the businesses. The growth of the business is going in parallel to the marketing strategies. So, the first critical tip is to re-establish the campaigns as per the changes in the business goals. Having a mission and vision statement is good for business but defining SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound goals is a must. The experienced digital marketer would help the business to build and design SMART marketing goals for the business. If the campaigns are based on such goals they will be easy to track and the performance, budget allocation and return on investment can be measured correctly. The purpose of the marketing strategies must get evaluated and verified by the businesses on a regular basis. Thus, it becomes essential for marketers to re-create or re-design the campaigns for better ROI.

Experiment New Channels

Betting all your money on one technique or platform can either bring exponential growth to the business or it can just waste all the money. Majorly, if one technique has shown some success earlier doesn’t really mean that you put all the eggs into that one basket. This is actually a major mistake that most of the businesses and marketers do – they exhaust the process. Marketing is not just about instant results but in fact consistent, quality, steady and manageable growth. The second hack is to spread the wealth across different platforms. One must experiment and try campaigns out of the comfort zone. For example:- If the Recruitment team of an organization is looking for the right candidate for a position, then Naukri and other job portals are what everyone would be looking at. However, in today times references from Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Twitter can also act as the medium of search. One thing one must understand while experimenting is to allocate a dedicate time for it. One cannot compromise the proven strategies just to adapt to the new channels. Ultimately, the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) must always be respected.

Acknowledge the Leads

Every marketing campaign helps to make a journey for the customers so that their problems can be solved by the solutions provided by the businesses. This journey includes filling up surveys, feedback forms, queries, or even sign-ups.  The end-goal for the marketer is not to just get the contact information or email addresses of the customers but instead to build trust and bridge the gap between them and the businesses. For this acknowledgement in the form of a “Thank You” email or additional discounts or even some FREE informational content must be used. This is the most important third tip for effective campaigns. As a business representative, the marketing agencies should have long-term goals and should consider each existing or new customers as the focal point for the chain of new customers for the future. The trust is what builds strong relationships whether it is at personal or at the professional level.

Create Personalized Content

Content is the brand of the organization and its alignment to the interests of the end-users would most likely bring more benefits to the business. Today, where customers have access to hundreds of platforms, huge promotions, access to infinite knowledge – the content needs to stand out. Gone are the times, when one standard email format or a generic text message were considered as ways to connect directly to the consumers. These conventional methods do not add much value and similarly, the noise data from several social streams is also flooding the inboxes of the users. Today, customers seek personal connections with a brand, they want to feel valued and want their views to be heard. This why the fourth tip –  digital experts are utilizing the techniques of Big Data and Data Analytics to create personalized content for the target audience. A similar piece of content can vary based on the interests, location, demographics, device and gender of the end-user. This personalization is not an easy thing to achieve, it goes hand in hand with the above-mentioned tips.

               a. Creating valuable content and making it customer-centric can help to connect with the audience on a personal level.

               b. Conducting regular surveys is the best way to determine the expectations of the consumers from the brand. Surveys, polls, Q&A sessions and webinars are a few other ways to communicate with the customers which can enable us well to create better-personalized content for them.

               c. Collaborating with global influencers can target an instant audience with similar preferences and interests. By partnering with an influencer the brand gets the opportunity to open new leads and new prospects.

Competitive Edge

The fifth tip is to analyze the competition in the market. This is not limited to check what new products and/or services others are offering but also to understand why they are able to generate more leads. This is the best reality check that can help to measure our marketing strategies. Also, if a customer has left your business product/service, it is of utmost importance to understand to which business vendor he/she has joined. This helps to analyze our algorithms identifying user preferences and interests. This can also be achieved by creating testimonials of the existing customers and asking them why they choose your brand over to the other vendors in the market. This will help us verify if the correct intention or reputation of the brand is being conveyed to the customers or not. To extend further, one can also ask the customers about their journey so far in association with the business looks like and what are their expectations for the future.

The aforementioned 5 tips can surely bring a paradigm shift to overall digital marketing strategies. Not limited to this, one must also remember that the market is fluid and the one who is able to adapt would only be able to succeed. Integrating with modern Technology and Human Behavioral science can bring tremendous changes in the digital marketing industry.