Here we are at that time of the year, where we think about next year goals, objectives, missions. whatever you want to call it. Everyone’s having a good time and thinking about making next year better than this.

Start with it….have something planned for next year. Life…without some objective…is just plain life. There’s no fun.

Have some big goals to achieve next year. The way its done is…have yearly goals. Divide them to quarterly, then monthly and day goals.

The important part of it is…it should have some richness and meaning.

How to set it?

Remember..the way we think about something affects our behavior around that thing.

For example…negativity (I hate using that word)…What you think about negativity will influence how you behave with negativity. Same goes for positivity..success..growth…promotion etc.

If you feel that life is moving at a slow pace..or its just average. That’s because you have made it that way. The behaviors you have been putting so far haven’t been up to the task.

And the first way to make it better is to think about it.

If you are in this zone…your goals would be like this only. It means you are not ‘cut out’ for this. It’s called a fixed mindset.

That mindset is telling you lies.

Have a growth mindset. It starts with ‘getting started’. Planning is only half job done. The real start with implementation.

Growth mindset will make you come out of comfort zone. If you are in this zone…good. But if you aren’t…then better be.

Change the way you think about the challenges and opportunities that come your way.

Now..the next point is writing resolutions. They should be specific not vague. Most people have resolutions like

I want to make a lot of money

I want a dream job

I want to lose/gain weight

Why do people have these kinds of resolutions? Because it gives them a sense of confidence.

We all want to feel important. We want others to admire us.

How do you do that? By making a difference in others lives. You don’t have to do much. Just small happy moments with others can make a huge difference. It could be someone living four blocks away from your home, or old man in the park, or helping staff at the hotel, nursing staff in a hospital. Someone you have not spoken to for long.

When you do it…the feeling lasts longer.

Business is creative, frustrating, intimidating, challenging, and, yes, stressful.

So is parenting. And making art. And running a nonprofit. And writing a book. And competing seriously in a sport or other activity.

A meaningful life is full of high-quality problems.

So, what resolutions are you having for 2019?

Let me know in the comments!

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